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BouT Connects!

BouT connects literally! We bring students and companies together by organizing excursions, internal and external events. Also, TU Delft students can always attend Booosting gatherings for free when they register through BouT. We always try to have at least one event or excursion on the short-term agenda. On the top of this page, you’ll find the upcoming excursions. Do you want to stay updated about the BouT agenda? Like our Facebook page or visit this website every once in a while. Do you have a good idea for the next BouT excursion? Or do you want to organize an event in cooperation with BouT? Contact the commissioner of Events and we will think with you!

Past Excursions / events:
  • DEBUT 2018 – May, 2018
  • FOAMGLAS factory visit, Antwerp – March 2018
  • Study Trip Bilbao – Nov. 2017
  • Octatube factory visit – Oct. 2017
  • Building with Bamboo, with Bambu Social & S4S. – May. 2016
  • BouT Spring Grills – May. 2016
  • Octatube – Mar. 2016
  • MX3D – Feb. 2016
  • IHC Metalix – Jan. 2016

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