Symposium: SUPERNOVA

The BouT symposiums aim to focus on a topic which benefits humanity and is relevant to today’s issues. Last February, the symposium topic was the architectural and technological response to climate change. This year, it will be on the topic of extraterrestrial architecture, with an emphasis on how the field can inform sustainable progress on Earth. To our knowledge, a symposium focusing mainly on extraterrestrial architecture has not been done before, and the time is ripe to dive into this emergent topic.

We would like to cordially invite the architecture and technology community of TU Delft, along with innovatiovecompanies and experts in the topic itself, to discuss this exciting new field of design. The BK faculty, situated in the same campus as one of the world-leading Aerospace Faculties, is a fitting home to this event, as there are already masters students who have graduated in this field.

Why is it important? PVs, water purification systems and satellite climate data are examples of sustainable technologies invented or accelerated by space innovation. A whole catalogue of other inventions, including the laptop, started out for space applications.

Leading pioneers will be speaking at the event, such as winners of the NASA Mars Habitat Challenge of 2015: Space Exploration Architecture, Liquifer and the space design team of Foster+Partners. There will also be a lecturer from ESTEC talking about current ground-breaking research. The Dean Peter Russel will open the event and deliver an expose on a 1970s space station design by Fritz Haller.

Among the challenges to be explored are questions such as: what would people and technology have to do in order to deliver humanity to new planets, what would life be like in space and on other celestial bodies, and how do we design the next genre of buildings fit for the Moon and Mars? The answers to such questions may be powerful drivers for innovation on Earth. Over all, this event aims to raise awareness and equip young professionals with new insights and a head start when they tackle challenges of the future. With the help of an international ensemble of speakers, we hope to inspire the next generation of designers by showing them the technological prowess and relentless audacity of the new space race!

Date(s) - 22/02/2018
12:30 - 18:00

Orange Hall @ Faculty of Architecture